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How to replace screen-wipers of your car

Screen-wipers are special brushes located on windshield wipers in order to provide the driver with good road visibility. They are often replaced because of regular usage for windscreen cleaning. If your screen-wipers are leaving scratches and stains, it is a sure sign that they have deteriorated and need to be replaced as soon as possible.

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Why do brake pads squeak?

Squeaky brakes cause the driver a few minutes of anxiety every time he slows down. Naturally, here comes the big question: why does the squeak happen and how can you fix it? In fact you don’t have to call a car service. You can deal with the situation yourself.

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How to choose winter tires for a car

Winter is not only skiing and New Year’s vanity, but also a time when drivers have to switch to winter tires. These tires are designed to the car was steadily on snow-covered or icy road. How to choose winter tires?

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How to fix a scratch on your bumper

The bumper is the part of a car that is exposed to all kinds of damage the most in daily use. Almost every driver has had some problems with parking that resulted in bumper scratches. You don’t have to contact a car service to get rid of a scratch. You can handle it yourself.