How to choose winter tires for a car

Winter is not only skiing and New Year’s vanity, but also a time when drivers have to switch to winter tires. These tires are designed to the car was steadily on snow-covered or icy road. How to choose winter tires?

How to choose winter tires for a car

Manual. How to choose winter tires for a car

  1. If you travel a lot on snow and ice, please note: material for winter tires is selected so that the wheels stuck to the slippery surface while driving. Because if you plan to drive on heavily snow-covered ground and ice, for example, in the suburbs, choose a soft winter tires.
  2. For frequent travel on the pavement should get a more solid rubber. Soft tires are less reliable, but they wear down much faster. Choose rubber, in consultation with the seller – he can tell, based on his experience, customer feedbacks and certifications. By the touch you will hardly be able to distinguish between hard and soft rubber.
  3. Choose winter tires that have an asymmetrical tread pattern – they are most effective. Remember – the external part of the type will be responsible for riding on the pavement, and the interior – on the pavement, covered with snow. Install the tire properly, strictly following printed labels.
  4. If you want to replace your regular winter tires to more studded, remember – when you drive on snow and ice, the car will be more stable, and braking properties will be improved. When riding on the pavement everything happens exactly the opposite.
  5. In that case, if you are not confident in your knowledge and don’t know what size of winter tires you have to choose (by the way, the same rule applies to summer tires), narrow your search to models that are recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Many drivers prefer tires that have a sufficiently large width, sometimes more than its necessary. Yes, in this case, the contact between the wheels and the road, of course, increases. However, the machine weight will be distributed so it’ll weaken the grip of the wheels with the surface on which the car is moving. And it’s not quite right and can lead to some problems while driving.
  6. If you didn’t buy winter tires on time and there is no right size in the shop, it’s better to prefer a model with slightly less width than it should be. However, the profile height should be more than regular.

Publication: 12.08.2016

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