How to fix a scratch on your bumper

The bumper is the part of a car that is exposed to all kinds of damage the most in daily use. Almost every driver has had some problems with parking that resulted in bumper scratches. You don’t have to contact a car service to get rid of a scratch. You can handle it yourself.

What you’ll need:

  • a bucket of water;
  • a car wash shampoo;
  • a soft sponge for washing;
  • 1200-, 1300- or 1500-grit sandpaper;
  • a solvent;
  • a special paint scratch remover kit;
  • a clear coat spray can;
  • a car polish.

How to fix a scratch on your bumper

Instructions: How to fix a scratch on your bumper

  1. First look over the damaged bumper and assess the damage done to the car, its scope and scale. Take a bucket of water, a car wash shampoo and start cleaning the car with a sponge to remove surface dirt. If there are signs of rubber on the car, scrub it off using a solvent.
  2. When the surface of the bumper is fully cleared of dirt, take 1200-1300-grit sandpaper and wet-sand the scratches. You should do it with water. When the damaged paint is gone and the surface is smoother, it’s time to start painting anew.
  3. If there are deep paint scratches on the bumper, you should spread a dab of putty and when it dries up, smooth out the surface with sandpaper. Take a toothpick, which is usually included in the special paint scratch remover kit, and carefully apply paint to the damaged area. Let the paint dry and then wet-sand the painted area again. If you want, you can do it with car wax or car polish instead.
  4. Then take a clear coat spray can for car. Before spraying it on the bumper, try to apply it to some other object. Next start spraying the lacquer on the painted area of the bumper, watching out for any signs of grease or dust around it.
  5. After you apply a clear coat spray the surface of the bumper is usually rough. In order to fix it take 1300-1500-grit waterproof sandpaper and carefully holding it at a 45 degree angle smooth out the painted area. Don’t miss the moment when it’s time to apply car polish and when finishing the whole procedure don’t get carried away, otherwise you might just rub all the paint off.

Some useful advice

When choosing the paint, make sure that not only the colour matches the previous one but also the number indicated on the paint.

For small not deep scratches you can use a car scratch repair pen but it’s important to pick the correct colour as it has to match the colour of the car as much as possible.

Publication: 11.08.2016

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