How to replace screen-wipers of your car

Screen-wipers are special brushes located on windshield wipers in order to provide the driver with good road visibility. They are often replaced because of regular usage for windscreen cleaning. If your screen-wipers are leaving scratches and stains, it is a sure sign that they have deteriorated and need to be replaced as soon as possible.

  1. As the wipers ensure the safety of the driver on a road, they should work impeccably and be changed as soon as the first signs of defect appear. If you are going to replace your screen-wipers, make sure to measure the old ones before the purchase. Write down the length of the blades and the width of their slots in your phone or on a piece paper. You should measure both wipers, because there are some cars where the wiper blades have different lengths. For example, one length – from the passenger’s side, and a different one – from the driver’s side. In addition, every car has its own wipers’ proportions. Rear screen-wiper is also very important.
  2. Then decide on the amount of money you are ready to pay for new wiper blades. If you are on a budget, you can choose classic frame wipers. They are not expensive, but have not so great durability. If quality is more important than price for you, buy frameless wipers or a compound variant. Though these models are more expensive, they work much longer than budget brushes.
  3. Then remove the worn out wipers from your car. They are removed in the same way in a majority of car models. To remove the wipers: move aside the wiper arm and pull the brush down. If it does not work, check a special lock in the place where the wiper’s arm and the brush are connected. If there is such a lock, open it and remove the brush.
  4. If the brush can not be removed or the process is too hard, the rust may be the reason. In this case, you should wipe the connection place with special remover WD-40 in order to speed up the process of wipers’ replacement. It will remove the rust very easily.
  5. Well, and now install the new brushes. This process should not cause difficulty, as the technique is similar to the removal of your wiper blades, but in this case, everything is done the other way around. If you bought frame wipers with metal housing, wipe the slot with WD-40 or some other anti-corrosive agent before the installation of blades.
    That will allow you to replace the wiper blades without any effort next time. New brushes should have the instruction, which you can use when difficulties arise during their replacement. At a pinch, contact the car service center, they will certainly help you to make the replacement of screen-wipers.

How to replace screen-wipers of your car

We hope that this article will help to replace your wiper blades without any problems as the need arises. Remember that defective wipers in a car can even become a cause of a road traffic accident with very sad consequences. That is why you should replace them in time, do not save on your safety while driving a vehicle. It is also important to ensure correct service of your wiper blades. Do not leave your car in the hot, burning sun for a long time, and also try to hold it indoors when the weather is freezing outside. Ideally, we recommend keeping your car in the garage for longer service of wiper blades.

Publication: 30.12.2016

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